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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A frightening appendage

Here's why a walker must turn off his phone while walking to work.
"I had become an avid iPhone user while researching “Super Sad True Love Story.” The device became a frightening appendage to a life of already sizable anxiety. My phone became a reproving parent that constantly bade me to work harder, a needy lover that beeped and clanged and marimba’d her demands through the left-hand pocket of my jeans, a sadistic life coach constantly reminding me that, whatever I was doing, there were more fascinating things to be done. Returning to the novel five years after its completion, I had the general sense that I had allowed technology to run me over. Now I was more Eunice than Lenny, an occasional rather than a voracious reader, a curator of my life rather than a participant, a man who could walk through a stunning national park while looking up stunning national parks..."
O.K., Glass, record a video...
Gary Shteyngart: Confessions of a Google Glass Explorer : The New Yorker

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