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Friday, January 30, 2015

Graphic philosophy

It was unseasonably warm in middle Tennessee yesterday, so students in three of my four classes opted for peripatetic discussions. In two classes we all went out for twenty minute strolls. I'm sure it was a revelation for some, just how quickly time and ideas can fly when you're in motion. Can't wait to do it again. Walking the walk.

Something else I'm pleased to see developing this semester, thus far: a Graphic Philosophy caption contest. I'm going to continue posting thematically-timely images in search of pithy insightful narration. Like these:

The first one evokes my biases against sedentary thinking and for canines. The second may represent a symposium gone wild.

For the first I like a talking-dog scenario: "Solvitur ambulando, Diogenes." The second was originally tagged "Another false start for the western philosophical tradition." But maybe the crowd can come up with better suggestions.

Here's one we definitely need to caption, next class. Aren't these guys funny?

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