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Thursday, December 3, 2015


It's that time again, the time I used to call "grading" but now euphemize as collaborating and CoPhilosophizing.  It won't kill me, or at least it hasn't yet. Re-framing helps. With the right attitude and a sense of humor, it might even make me stronger. If I didn't laugh I think I just might die crying, when (for example) I read:

  • Who said "existence precedes essence"? -Alan [Turing?]
  • Who is considered the father of psychoanalysis? Albert [Einstein?]
  • Who illustrated his philosophical method with a squirrel? -Simone [de Beauvoir?]
  • Who said we should give everyone "space to develop as they saw fit" so long as they do no harm in the process? -Fredrick [Nietzsche?]
  • Who was the "melancholy Dane" who retold the Abraham/Isaac story? -Hannah Arendt [should this get partial credit, for finally including a surname?]
Other responses to that last one, easily the most amusing Q/A (from a grader's standpoint): Daniel Dennett... C.S. Peirce... William James... Henry James... Peter Singer... 

The correct answers, of course, once considered staples of cultural literacy whether one was technically a collegian or not: Sartre, Freud, Wm James, JS Mill, Kierkegaard.

How does a college student miss every single question on an exam with a glossary containing all the answers drawn from quizzes we've already discussed in class and posted on our site?! 

Looking forward to my Honors classes next Fall.

6 am/6:43, 34/48

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