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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Safe at home

Back from my long road trip to Kansas, the Baseball Conference, KC and the Negro Leagues Museum. Good times. Woulda been even better if I'd managed at some point to climb back out from "under the weather," but it's good to be reminded periodically not to take health for granted. (It's Joseph Lister's birthday, a propos of that. His germ theory cut mortality from "ward fever" from 50 to 15 %, and he "lived to see the entire medical community accept and adopt his methods.")

And, it's always good to come safely home. Picked up a rider in Missouri, my sister. She'll be visiting us in Bioethics this afternoon, to talk about health and life in the E.R.

In CoPhi, Kant and Bentham. If a deranged ax-wielder ever comes looking for me, I hope my friends are all utilliatarians and not deontologists.

In Atheism, we finish with Kitcher's measured and respectful Life After Faith before turning next time to Bertrand Russell. Red meat for the non-accommodationists.

5:30/6:29, 40/62

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