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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Look out

Back from Chattanooga, where we took in a Lookouts game on the 4th. The AA experience there is superb, the quality of play by the young would-be Minnesota Twins impressive, the beer selection excellent, the concessionaires friendlier, the between-innings kitsch more over-the-top (in a good way). The fireworks were disappointing, but that just meant we got back to the hotel in time to catch more of Vin Scully and the Dodgers. Glad we went.

Yesterday we toured the UTC campus. The shiny new library's remade the look and feel of the place, which greatly impressed Younger Daughter. Maybe she'll be a Moc after all, and not a Vol. The admissions staff and tour leader sold her on the "college experience" to be had there, which these days includes amenities like a state-of-the-art aquatic center complete with Lazy River and Water Slide.  Oh, to be a "rising senior" again!

I was up early yesterday for a bluff-and-river walk and a stroll across the city's now-iconic pedestrian bridge. Very livable place, Chattanooga. I can almost forgive them for Bob Corker.

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Now it's back to our semi-virtual stroll with the increasingly-neo-connish Arthur Herman, who in today's reading juxtaposes Marx and Mill. A quick corrective check-in with Bertrand Russell makes a crucial point Herman misses: Mill increasingly drifted from his early enthusiasm for classical economics and libertarian restraint, towards what we would now call progressive liberalism and democratic socialism. Doesn't quite fit the Cave & Light agenda but it's the truth. Mill thanked Wordsworth and the romantics for restoring his sanity and humanity. Neocons, take note. Homeschoolers too.

5:45/6:35, 73/90, 8:06

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