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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Love trumps stupid

Too bad moderators aren't empowered to pull the plug when debaters rudely, repeatedly interrupt. That would have preempted last evening's reality programming almost immediately, and we'd have been spared yet another public display of contempt for facts, decency, and decorum. The transcript of last night's spectacle doesn't quite capture the tone, but it speaks clearly enough of the candidates' respective tempers, truthfulness, and "stamina." It doesn't much speak to the issue that changes everything, but there was this:
CLINTON: ...Donald thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. I think it’s real.
DRUMPF: I did not. I did not. I do not say that.
CLINTON: I think science is real.
DRUMPF: I do not say that.
The record does show otherwise.

Today's This Changes Everything chapter says what the world needs now is love, which really ought to trump stupid.

I hope millennials who tuned in weren't too disillusioned, like the indigenous British Columbian students Klein tells us about. We badly need their energy, clarity, and passion to turn us around and make us get our facts straight. 

And we need to divest (How to...Why), to get our schools and other public institutions to divest, and at least get our school's president to think again about endorsing the climate commitment (ACUPCC) so many of his progressive colleagues have already signed on to. It's been almost four years since we initiated that conversation, he's had time to give it serious consideration. I think it's time to revisit it, time for a transition and an "energy descent action plan" of our own. We who also think science is real are not isolated and alone. We too can "find ways of expanding public spaces and nurturing civic involvement." 

But let's not interrupt our guest.

5:20/6:41, 56/79/54, 6:35

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  1. The one fleeting mention of climate change was disappointing, but then much of the evening's performance was disappointing. For me, Mr. Trump's denial that he is a climate change denier was evidence that for him at least, facts are doubly irrelevant. How much of his denial is truly his belief may never be known. Is it based on ignorance or yet another example of playing to his base? All of us know people who regularly ignore and/or deny facts that challenge their world view or their goals or simply to annoy those who prefer dealing with facts. What scares me is the disregard and disdain that this kind of thinking illustrates. Sadly, denial in the face of overwhelming evidence shows a pattern of thought that could spell our doom on several of the problems facing our world. My worry is that applying this faulty decision-making process to other potentially world-ending problems we face, may accelerate mankind's demise. In other words, if this pattern of denial gains legitimacy, we may not have the time to implement climate change solutions.