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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Flag's still here

Older Daughter came home from Bonnaroo with tales of music and interactive aromatic adventure, and with just the right Fathers Day souvenir:

I don't think she walked around the festival grounds enough, by my peripatetic standards; but from what I hear she definitely contributed to others' happiness. Maybe survival, even. And how cool is it that her weekend highlight was the indefatigable Friday night performance of a Beatle, older than her envious old man! 

That contributes to my happiness in indescribably meaningful ways.
NOTE. Today's post commences a new chapter of my dawn blog, reconstituted here on Blogger as Up@dawn 2.0. The old Wordpress archives going back to April 2009 remain intact, linked at the original site (scroll down & right) and in the sidebar here. Only the host has changed, motive and intent (wakefulness, punctuality, clarity, energy, insight) remain the same.

May dawn's early light continue to cast its reflective spell!

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