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Monday, June 24, 2013

Memphis in the meantime

Back after a long weekend in Memphis, slowly orienting to the idea of releasing Older Daughter to her destiny as a newly minted Rhodes scholar.

It was an immersive orientation, as we and she were introduced to representatives of just about every corner of the college. My old classmate from Vandy was there to speak up for the humanities, and he did such a good job that she signed on for a boatload of Fall courses in the disciplines (English, philosophy, history etc.) widely and exaggeratedly rumored  to be in deep trouble all across the land. Looks to me like they're doing fine there.

Walking in Memphis this time was a bit disappointing. We stayed out in Germantown, where I'd read that the mayor's new push for a more bikeable and walkable community had really taken hold. But the beefy Hyatt concierge was not only unfamiliar with the new Greenway, he didn't really even grasp the concept. "You can see how much I exercise, hahaha." Went out for a stroll anyway. Sidewalk kept ending on me.

Turns out the Wolf River Greenway is a work-in-progress. Maybe it'll be finished some time in the next four years, before Older Daughter finishes her formal education. I'll keep looking.

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