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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Always look on the bright side

We helped ourselves to a glorious sunny afternoon yesterday, for Group #2's "Self-hep" tag team report in HAP 101.

There's much to be said for getting out and not Power Pointing. They had much to say about multiple facets of their subject. Ken spoke of the "peaceful warrior" and surprisingly proposed an end to interpersonal competition. William said musicians addicted to expensive gear are (not?) happy. Alexander introduced us to the unhappiness of the "Pick Up Artist."  Jackie mentioned several effective habits of happy people (my favorite: moving). Samantha defended Astrology, Otto defended superstition in general. (I then confirmed the sad suspicion that most of us had not encountered Demon-haunted World's takedown thereof.) Kat told us how to subdue panic and cultivate confidence. James endorsed Viktor Frankl's logotherapy.

Over-arching themes? One big one occurs: all of our reporters presupposed the standard western commitment to there being in each instance a Self in need of help. So it's fitting that we'll next take up Buddhism's challenge to that assumption. Can we most help ourselves by losing our Selves? How do you do that, practically speaking? Does it work? Does anything else?

But first, one more Happy report is coming to the plate next time: on TED-style happiness. Take more than seventeen minutes, Group #3, and take us back indoors if you must.

CoPhi's Group #2 report was (as advertized) completely different. They squeezed a lot of zany madcap Python humor (with a philosophical twist) into their allotted time, and did it with panache. Even had to sync their own video clips, with our pathetic multimedia cart's audio gone missing. Left me hungry for more. If I could have added just one more, what would I choose? Greco-German footballBrucesGalaxy SongMrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion?

I guess it would have to be this:

That's a pretty helpful piece of advice, no? Always look on the bright side. Live long. Be happy.

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