Delight Springs

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The best things

Summer! Our Memorial Day highlights included pool reconstruction followed by a family outing to the Cineplex and Million Dollar Arm. Four thumbs up, and fie on whichever critic called it "pleasant to a fault." It was faultlessly lovely and life-affirming. The real Jon Hamm is not Don Draper, he's a Cards fan from St. Louis. "Hello old friend."

Later we caught up on the latest and possibly most affirming episode ever of Mad Men. Those of us who remember being there recalled the excitement of global "connection" when Neil Armstrong took his giant lunar leap in '69.

And fie on whichever other critic said Robert Morse's closing dance number was lame. It made Don smile, and me too. It also gave me my thinking theme for this morning's 8K-step dawn walk, the very best epitome of free.

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