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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Walk and enjoy

7,933 steps before breakfast this morning, and countless moments of elevated, unmediated perception. That’s important, because we’ve conspired with the makers of our phones and devices and social media platforms to turn immediacy into an increasingly scarce commodity. 

Did you hear George Clooney on NPR yesterday, lamenting his inability to actually meet and greet his public because they’re all shielded by a self-imposed screen of archival urgency to record the moment? We’re too busy framing and documenting experience to actually have, enjoy, and properly remember it.

Was there anything truly memorable about this morning’s walk? Nothing in particular, I guess. Didn't meet any movie stars, just a few other early-rising pedestrians (bi- and quadra-pedal). It was really the best sort of walk, without specific purpose but full of immediate and lasting significance for my ongoing health, happiness, and what I choose to call my sanity.  I won’t forget how much I enjoyed (as my neighborhood milestone says) “enhancing the quality of my life.”

“Regular walking can strengthen your heart and improve your general health. Walk and enjoy yourself as you enhance the quality of your life.”

It's an enhancement that needs no memory upgrade. Vital habits are hard to forget, if you're paying attention. Walk and enjoy.

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