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Friday, March 27, 2015

Don't forget to duck, atheists

What do atheists and ducks have in common, aside from the fact that both are gathering this weekend at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis?

Image result for peabody hotel ducks cartoon

UPDATE: meanwhile, a couple-hundred miles to the east in Murfreesboro TN, the MTSU Department of Philosophy & Religion welcomed anthropologist James Bielo (Miami of Ohio) as our latest Lyceum speaker. Bielo detailed the coming attraction of a new Biblical Theme Park in Kentucky called "The Ark Encounter." (Why Kentucky? Well, as one teacher of evolution at UK attests, the ark story with all its preposterous implausibilities still resonates there. Same reason why they tried to put a Creationist Theme Park in Murfreesboro a few years ago.)

Religion as "immersive" entertainment? Well, we were definitely entertained. I hope they were having as much fun in Memphis.

Kentucky Officials File Motion for Federal Judge to Dismiss Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Lawsuit


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  2. Is it morally sound practice to be "entertained" by the sincere beliefs of huge groups of Americans? What about the billions of people across the planet who have in our opinions "absurd" beliefs. Should we stand in self-congratulating amusement whilst looking on simply because we know or think we know better? Are doctors allowed to scoff at a patient's culturally held principles that are in contravention to western scientific thinking? If one is to allow such thinking, then perhaps it too should be allowed that christians can after all decline services to predetermined groups or individuals simply for allegedly being morally abominable? Either side of the furnace seems to simply be an opinion with little to no scientific evidence or proof. Tolerance is (or should be anyway) a multi-edged sward that swings, cuts, and severs in whichever direction pointed...

  3. I should think an entertainment park should be amusing, isn't that the point of one? Whether scientific or religious, an amusement or theme park should be amusing, spectacular and entertaining or it will not get many guests.