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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Start me up

6 am/5:29, 73/91. Podcast.
Paul McCartney is 73 today, Napoleon lost at Waterloo on this date in 1815. WA And the Rolling Stones played a few blocks away from our ballgame in downtown Nashville last night, keeping Younger Daughter at her babysitting gig into the wee hours. Her employers, like most everyone in the audience, are far younger than the band they came hear.

Before the show Mick Jagger visited the Parthenon for "a bit of culture." Same Parthenon Robert Altman put on screen in "Nashville," that seemed so surreal the other night at the Belcourt.

Every time Ike Davis batted for the Sounds last night they played "Start Me Up." Was that to honor the Stones, or just an acknowledgement that Ike's old? Barry Zito started again for the home team last night, it could be his song too.

Starting is the hardest part of any project and of many days, isn't it? Except maybe for persevering and finishing. But no, it's relatively easy to keep on doing whatever you're doing if you've formed supportive or enabling habits. But those same habits can make it hard to envision crossing the finish line. Older we get, the more we have to talk ourselves into embracing new habits, tasks, and goals. So maybe Mick and the boys really won't stop 'til they drop, and I won't stop rolling out of bed as soon as I hear the songbirds each morning.

No time to say more this morning, we're on a tight schedule to fetch Granny again. But here's another picture that should be worth a few words.

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