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Friday, August 7, 2015

At sea

Beautiful night at the ballpark last night, a rare doubleheader and a sweep for the home team against Memphis. Amused myself between innings monitoring tweeted updates from the so-called GOP debate. What a ludicrous spectacle. What a letdown for all who still entertain the fantasy of responsible dialogue between serious and worthy applicants for the nation's most important position of leadership. As the Donald said, it was not "nice." Don't go, Jon Stewart, we need you!

Meanwhile, in our local election, none of the at-large candidates for five spots on our bloated city council could manage to garner even 10% of the vote. Rather than a run-off, since the amendment to shrink the council failed, how about a lop-off? The voters have spoken.

But there's good news: the right mayoral contender came up just a little short.

Today's the birthday of anthropologist Louis Leakey (1903), who showed that our earliest ancestors were "out of Africa," and the anniversary of ethnologist Thor Heyerdal's Kon-Tiki expedition (1947) showing that some of our later ancestors were a lot more resourceful and nautically intrepid than previously thought. WA

How would the current crop of political pretenders fare on Heyerdal's raft? They're already adrift and at sea. How far can they go? I'd like to find out. Shove off, guys.

5:50/6:00, 72/86

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