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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Antimatter lunch

Tomorrow's my last class of summer, and Younger Daughter's first of "fall." Reason enough, we thought, to go out for lunch yesterday at the eccentrically-appointed chicken shack we like so much. Delicious! Delightful! Also ephemeral, evanescent... not forever, not even close. Like summer.

And that's why it's so important to me to document these small but worthy moments, notch them on that walking stick of extruded memory Thoreau talked about. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Something completely different, but maybe not really:  "on this day in 1932, American physicist Carl Anderson discovered the first physical evidence[of] antimatter..."

My scifi pre-education taught me that we need that stuff to balance our material existence, but if it comes into too-direct contact with our world the whole thing goes kablooey. The whole thing. That's how fragile it all is.

Another reason why we need to get out to the chicken shack once in a while, to notice how delicious and delightful it is to be here. Soon enough it'll all be gone.

6:30/5:57, 73/91/70, 7:49

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