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Monday, August 1, 2016

Captain Fantastic

Saw Captain Fantastic at the renovated Belcourt Saturday, another film with a profusion of Spocks (in a hilarious scene that makes you feel bad for the brilliant young man who knows the Baby Doctor but, having been raised beyond the range of tv land, not the Vulcan).

I wouldn't want to live so far off the grid, it's not how I imagine Plato's "paradise" republic, and it really wouldn't be good for kids not to know all their Spocks. But, what a dual indictment of both our know-nothing consumer/pop culture and of utopian social experiments gone too far. And what a great idea, "Noam Chomsky Day"!

Another weekend highlight: listening to the Angels-Sox game while getting play-by-play updates from Older Daughter, in the stands in Anaheim as her first summer in the city of Angels winds down. The slight radio delay made her prescient, I knew the home manager had been tossed before it happened.

This is not the birthday of Noam Chomsky but it is that of Herman Melville AND of Maria Mitchell, "the first acknowledged female astronomer."  May this be another great year of female firsts, lest we be sunk by the great orange whale.

7:15/5:56, 74/93/72, 7:50

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