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Monday, June 9, 2014


The final episode of "Cosmos" 2.0 was as good as we've come to expect, emphasizing the point that science is both our best tool for dispelling ignorance and fear and our surest source of humility. "It's ok to admit that we don't know" about dark matter or what happened before the Big Bang or what will become of the grand experiment of life. More than ok, it's crucial to our self-respect and our survival.

I wondered if we'd hear Carl Sagan's voice again last night, before they aired the entire Pale Blue Dot meditation. I've heard or read and repeated it myself so often, through the years. It still gets to me every time

And, the Golden Record segment with its snippet of a child's greeting "from the children of Earth" - "Hey," tweeted Nick Sagan, "that's me!" That record has a billion year shelf-life.

Lovely, that moment and the whole show with its hopeful/humble spirit of adventure and discovery. "Cosmos was a labor of love, an offer of hope, and a vision of a future that could be," says Neil Tyson. Beautiful writing, Ann Druyan.  (She signed off with "the ship is now yours.") Carl would indeed be proud.

Now, Seth or someone, when will we see Cosmos 3? Can it be kickstarted?

Meanwhile, I'm going back to re-read and re-view 1 and 2.

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

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