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Friday, June 27, 2014

I just want to celebrate

The world will little note, nor long remember... but it was fun all the same, watching the live stream of Vandy's welcome home celebration for the new College World Series champions last evening. The Chancellor said "this is a very big deal" and told the boys "you are the absolute best!" The Governor more quietly praised the team for how it went about achieving its success, and claimed it for the great state of Tennessee. No orange in sight, for once.

Is it too soon for me to complain that mere academic collegiate success is never greeted with anything like this level of ecstatic celebration? When was the last time a Nobel recipient was feted with that kind of reception? (When was the last time the Nobel competition was featured in ESPN prime time for three consecutive nights? I guess that's a relevant riposte.)

Yeah, too soon. Anchor Down, boys!

Meanwhile, Team USA lost to Germany and is being heralded for making the cut. I'll never understand futbol. But never mind. If you can't indulge mindless celebration in the waning days of June, when can you? Jennifer Hecht is right, occasionally surrendering to the festive spirit in public is happy-making.
One day of a blissful community festival can forge allegiances to an idea or a place that can go on to animate a lifetime. The emotion of ecstasy is shockingly potent stuff. It is a good thing the effect lasts so long, because ecstasy is not easy to obtain.
Let's just play that song my subconscious woke me with this morning...

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