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Monday, June 16, 2014

Dads day afternoon

Back from our orientation trip to Older Daughter's new school in the "Heartland" sector of the Land of Lincoln, an island of Blue (as the admissions officer said) in a midwestern Red Sea. It's very different from her old school, in a quintessential little college town far from the big city, abutted by a national forest and wildlife preserve. The town was a booming rail and mining center in the 19th century, now it looks like Lake Wobegon ("the town that time forgot and the decades could not improve").

The campus itself is a miniature version of the surrounding countryside, with lots of trees and a (walkably) circumnavigable lake.

picture of Southern Illinois University Carbondale

We were welcomed to the fold by real live Salukis, and introduced by a witty student tour guide to many of the place's qualities and quirks - including the oxymoronic "clean coal" facility that powers it. We were reassured to come upon the Office of Sustainability, I hope they get everyone there to "pledge."

Fathers Day was wonderful. Lunch at the Blue Moon Marina restaurant, with a live band at waterside. Younger Daughter put a lot of time and thought into an elaborate homemade card, and the whole family thanked me for doing the simple things Dads do. They gave me a DVD slideshow of paternal memories, a porta-hammock for the beach, and the Cadillac of folding chairs - built-in umbrella, footstool, and side cooler. Somebody wrote a misguided complaint about this holiday. I'm not complaining.

Sport Camping Beach Umbrella Outdoor Portable Folding Canopy Recliner Lawn Chair

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