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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Read, write, and dream

Happy Bloomsday, "out of doors gentle summer morning everywhere.” Here, anyway. “Why don’t you write sensible books that people can understand?” But you've got to write what's in you that wants out.

We talked a bit in class about what drives creativity, and agreed that the neo-Platonists were wrong to pin it all on a mystical impulse to draw closer to God. I'm with Erasmus the humanist, who "never felt any need to cleanse away an overwhelming sense of sin," who just wanted "to walk in a sunlit garden and discuss Cicero and the ancient poets; in short, to read, write, and dream." 

Dreams drive creativity, and summer's the great season for dreaming. 

6 am/5:31, 68/97, 8:04

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